He asked me what I do when I get angry

That question actually made me happy

Because he cared even in my worst moments

I told him to listen to my body language

And we had a conversation

I didn’t need to say much

He listened and observed

My movements he read

Like an open book

He took every word

Off the pages of my skin

The scars that told a story

Long and winding

He was patient

To see my dark side

And love me aside

My crazy mind

Scrambled and shattered

He picked up the pieces

His laughter healed me

There’s nothing wrong with feeling right with him

When I had nothing to write he told me what was left

Only a few would tell you the truth

To let go and have fun

Relax and take it easy

He gave me this little advice

In the midst of the chaos

There’s nothing forced with our chemistry

We don’t even need to know each other’s history

Because we trust our future and forgotten about our past

We don’t see the signs but they are clear in plain sight

But he has foresight for my happiness

So I’m happy-go-lucky

Lucky to have him around

I’m not shy to cry

Or laugh out loud

Because that’s what I do best when he’s around

So when I wrote this in 2nd Cup

He was the 1st thing that came to my mind

He would be happy for my happiness


Thank God 

Thank God for the gift of life, to go through the day

Thank God for the gift of health, to enjoy the happiness life brings

Thank God for the gift of strength, to perform our daily activities

Thank God for the gift of sight, to see His marvelous works

Thank God for the gift of hearing, to listen to the lovely birds sing

Thank God for the gift of mercy, to forgive our iniquities

Thank God for the gift of faith, to keep trusting in Him

Thank God for the gift of hope, to keep believing in His everlasting love

Thank God for the gift of provision, to supply all our needs

Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, to guide us on the right path

Thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ His only son, who died for you and I so that we become a new creation

Thank God for the gift of a new day, to give us another opportunity to get closer to our dreams

Thank God for the gift of wisdom, to make the right decisions

Thank God for the gift of grace, to prosper us in every aspect of our lives

Thank God for the Word, to feed our souls

Thank God, just thank God because everything is a gift we must be grateful for.


He’s fallen

Fallen so hard he’s cracked his cranium   

His thoughts are scattered   

He doesn’t know where to start from cos

She’s become premium      

To him and no one else             

When she speaks the words fill the jar in his cochlear

There’s nothing else he would love to hear     

Apart from her sultry voice   

He’s fallen for her soothing smile

Which is infectious       

It’s too contagious to avoid

All he sees in his lense is her

Her in a natural form

Nothing added or made up         

He can’t see anyone else but her

In the crowd she stands out

Out of the ordinary

She is extraordinary

Not talking about curves

But wit and smartness       

He’s fallen for her naturalness

But he can’t approach her

He’s scared of rejection

It’s all in his imagination

He thinks she can’t keep up with his tempo

But she’s upbeat and solo

She’s different from the others

Always on cloud nine

Sky high, she’s fine

Nothing can bother her    

She can’t be tied down

Like a pair of shoe strings

She’s ecstatic

So he decides

She’s too good for me

He concludes

He moves on without looking back

He’s lost something he never had

Something he wanted so bad

He fell and never got up.

Too much

You said you were scared

Scared I would hurt you

Scared I would leave you

But you were right

From the moment you held me tight

I felt like I was in a cage

Trapped I wanted to get out

Gasping for air I reached out

You smoldered me with your love

I was suffocating, drowning

I didn’t know how to tell you

Your love was too nice

Too polite and too kind

I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment

Because I was never a friend of commitment

You were always there for me

I was getting sick of it

Or I was sick

I wanted out

I didn’t want to hang out

Seeing or hearing you talk became monotonous

You always said please and sorry   

It was irritating

I was becoming sorry

Sorry for leading you on

Sorry for wasting your time

Sorry for putting your life on the line

It was just too much love

I couldn’t handle

People would think I’m crazy for this  

But I’m only human


Your love was too perfect

Just not worth me

I can’t go on any longer

So allow me to be free

I want to be me

I don’t want too much but little

Little enough to keep me wanting more

To see that you are flawed

So that I can appreciate your efforts.

Two’s and Three’s 

I can’t 

seem to

think through 

these feels

I thought 

they were

just crazy

but my mind

is running 

round in heels

There are times 

I see you

and I freeze

When you speak 

I get chills

You aren’t 

that special 

enough to

make me

this paranoid

but you

have filled

a void

There’s nothing sane

about this pain

I care less

Fool me twice 

I’m already 

in the mess          

Two’s and three’s 

are the words 

on my lines

because you took

the words out

of my mouth

A penny for

my thoughts 

they said

but my soul

paid the price

more than 

I could imagine 

You easily 

drained me

empty after 

running wild

I’m tired of 

all the games

You’ve played 

with my heart

like “chaskele”

You’ve torn me 

apart, I’m shredded 

So pardon me

If I’ve prolonged 

something that should 

have ended

by line five

But I just

had to share

these few words

Just as my 

mind is in 

pieces, I’m shattered.

Body Language 

You aren’t listening

I don’t need to speak for you to hear my silent screams

I don’t need to look at you before you  see my longing stares

You aren’t listening when my heart beats louder than my breathing

The words I’m speaking are in my actions

My body speaks

My subtle cries

The rythym of my heartbeat tells a story

Inconsistent palpitations 

Overspeeding in this race

The rate at which I’m going is slower than yours

But it feels like Formula 1

There’s no formula about this one

Subdued by your overshadowing power

My wails are faint           

Lighter than your deep voice in my ear

Uncomfortably obedient 

I follow the crowd 

But you aren’t listening to my lips

Just enjoying the flesh

Read my lips and you would know what’s going on in my mind

Scarred for life like stretch marks

I hide under layers of make up

Making up my bulging eyes 

And covering the scars with foundation 

My pristine foundation has been soiled for life

But I would keep the safe locked

Protecting the past consciousness 

The last unhurt piece   

That thing they call virginity

So would you listen when I show you the room to the safe in my mind?    

You unlocked the door and threw away the key 

Hollow, dark and cold                

Is how you left it for eternity

My Toastmasters Experience

When my name is mentioned
I’m happy about the recognition
As I stand in front, the room grows silent
Everyone pays attention to what I say
And this surprises me in a way
Because people make me feel like I’m invisible
But here I’m visible

I hardly like to talk
But I’ve learnt to interact with people with different thoughts
Hearing diverse speeches from which I’ve learnt tremendouslyFB_IMG_1464899507331

So I’ve learnt to be audible
But my body grows cold with shyness
Even though I’ve been here several times
Butterflies go away and come back with bats
Battling in my tummy and my guts

But I try my best and say the words, “Good evening everyone, my name is Marilyn”
Hoping that pleasantries would break the ice and make me confident in disguise

I’ve come to learn and love
Listen attentively and laugh
Think critically and cry
Make friends and feel feelings
Be intrigued and inspired
Be mannered and motivated

It’s been an exciting journey even though I just joined a year and some months ago
But I’m glad I’m part of MFA Toastmasters
I’m still on the journey of finding myself and I’m happy about my Toastmasters Experience.

Toastmasters has taught me how to be confident and attentive in a safe learning environment. My public speaking and leadership skills have been sharpened as I’ve risen through the ranks of Secretary, Vice President Education and now President currently of MFA Toastmasters in Accra,Ghana.

Toastmasters doesn’t consider age or race or religion but it rewards those who are willing and committed with hard work and diligence.

FB_IMG_1468845333415 So join me every Wednesday at 5:30pm at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Toastmasters,where leaders are made!

Enemies of Progress

Time is being wasted
Lives are being hated
The innocent are being rated
Souls are being taken
Dreams are being shattered
Decisions are being regretted

Enemies are in progress
Doors are being opened but they restrict entry
People are being let down by their own
Lies being told, promises are broken
Fighting to destroy your becoming great
They try to own
They are heartless
They try to make it less painless
They make you more aimless
They don’t care about the consequences
They disappoint you and call you “their own”
The evil is hidden but the intention is known

But we try to change our own fate
Though the influence is great
Meetings are postponed; never to be met
They try to take you down
One way or the other
They try to hide
They wear a mask and conceal lies
You would never see them to be fake in reality
Always in the making of retrogressing

You feel hate knowing it will destroy your life
But the path you take will determine your future
The good or the worst
But God has seen the rest
They make you lie, cheat and cry
They make you feel defeated and unworthy
And you ask yourself “why did I come out so early?”

Enemies of progress
Destructors of greatness
They will get into your life and your mind
Your own flesh and blood
They are never organized so they mismanage life
They are so far from the truth you would believe their lies
If you show any signs of fear you end up being their weakest link
They do anything in your life to slow you down
Bear the weight on your shoulders and you are lost in the moment

Enemies of progress will never let you progress
Cut them off and don’t look back
Watch out and pray
Let God be on your side
Jesus on your mind
And you shall progress without a doubt


Can I

Can I
Can I know you
So that I can be free with you
Can I talk to you
So that I can be with you
Can I smile at you
So that I can laugh with you
Can I walk with you
So that I can travel with you

Can I know your fears
So that I can keep your darkest secrets
Can I know your favorite things
So that I can keep you happy
Can I know your past
So that I can appreciate the present
Can I know your thoughts
So that I can understand your actions

Can I feel your touch
So that I can keep holding your hand
Can I feel your struggle
So that I can relate to your pain
Can I feel your scars
So that I can read your history
Can I feel your presence
So that I can embrace your existence
Can I?



Your red and amber flames attract my senses
Your bright glow almost blindings me
I like what I see
Your tint of blue and green gets me addicted to you
You are cool to be around when you are calm

I like the way your temperature makes me warm
My heart races when you start flickering in excitement
Blushing and heating up everything around including me
The heat I feel in my chest when I see you is as if a piece of you is in me

Flaming thoughts, you
Fiery words, me
Unlike poles attract
Together we engulf ourselves in the burning furnace of love

I see you, Fire
I know you would burn me but you keep me warm

I hear you, Fire
Your voice soothes and melts my icy heart
But eventually that heart would turn to stone
Charred from over indulgence

I feel you, Fire
Your temperature is perfect for me
But I know you would scald my soul

“Fire will burn you”, I was told
But I stubbornly jumped into your furnace because I thought I had a thick skin to handle you
Even though deep down I knew I would be overwhelmed

Inhaling you at first smelt like perfume
But now I’m choking
Suffocating in your smoke
Struggling for my last breath
I am intoxicated

I loved getting burnt because you smiled and laughed, happy I was with you
But now I’m scorched
My thick skin has peeled off
The feelings have sizzled out and we both know the reason why
I should have stayed away from the beginning
But I couldn’t ignore something that ignited feelings

Sadly Fire, I have to snuff you out before I lose my soul which is being engulfed in your flames
Because there is another which you treasure.

Poem by Marilyn Elric